About Us

Varo is an expert with more than 60 years of experience in the worldwide distribution of do-it-yourself material. The company offers a large range of power tools, garden tools, hand tools and accessories known by the name of its house brands Varo, Powerplus and Kreator or private labels. The packaging and POS-material are produced in-house and an experienced team of merchandisers takes care of the presentations at the clients. Varo's professional service is translated in warranty periods up to 5 year and an own after sales department. Furthermore specialized technicians monitor the severe quality control of all products. So Varo offers the best value for money.

In 2012 Varo opened a new office in Australia to develop our brand and presence in this region. Not only it will allow Varo to provide our clients an optimal local service, it also allows us to work much closer with our supply chain and offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.